Ahbab Al-Quran (My skills and experiences) أحباب القرآن

Ahbab Al-Quran (My skills and experiences) أحباب القرآن

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First curriculum: (Ahbab Al Qura’n) is ( a curriculum specialized in Juzu A’mma) that presents sruas of the juzu through graphics which helps the child to memorize the juzu and remember it.

Second curriculum: (Ahbab Al Qura’n … In values we rise) It’s a matronly product consists of ten school units divided on two semesters, represented in : love, love of Allah and his book, self-esteem, cleanness, cooperation, being dutiful to ones parents, honesty, integrity, work and love of one’s country and talks about how to implement these values in a special unique way.

Third curriculum: (Ahbab Al Qura’n …. My skills and experiences) which emerged from the previous curriculums to empower our children through acquiring distinguished academic skills that will prepare them to recite the letters and words of the Holy Quran and numeric cognition of its Ayat and pages.

We presented this curriculum in a comprehensive way, where the alphabet and numbers are distributed on the ten values and they hold the same value, and the letter and number is presented in a clear and specific methodology which arises from the story the enriches the value that presents the school unit and prepare the child to acquire special academic skills and experiences like attention, listening and audial recognition and then moves through varied exercises to higher skills like visual recognition and the ability to distinguish similarities and differences and develop visual- motion collaboration skills and the child’s ability to simulate lines to write letters and numbers.

Many practical skills and activities were employed to connect the child to the Holy Quran so it would be references for him to elicit many sciences and knowledge. We also worked on engaging the child and the teacher in meaningful activities and suitable ones to children’s nature, age and their social backgrounds in order to convert Islamic values into living values which help in changing the reality that we live into a more beautiful one which holds goodness for all mankind.

أحباب القرآن (بالقيم نرتقي)

منهاج نوادي الطفل القرآنية التابعة للجمعية، ضمن مستويين، وكل مستوى مقسّم إلى فصلين.

يوظّف هذا المنهاج الآيات القرآنية والأحاديث النبوية في غرس القيم السلوكية اليومية لدى أطفال مرحلة ما قبل المدرسة، وهو الأول من نوعه في الوطن العربي والمستند إلى القيم القرآنية،
وقد تم بناء أهداف المنهاج بطريقة بنائية تراكمية، تتسلسل في عرض المفاهيم وفق مبادئ التعلم ووفق الخصائص النمائية لمرحلة الطفولة، ويأتي هذا المنهاج الجديد مكمّلاً لمنهاج "أحباب القرآن" الذي أطلقته الجمعية منذ سنوات عديدة، والمتخصص في تبسيط جزء "عمّ" ومساعدة الطلاب على حفظه.

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