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Arabic Sanabel

Arabic Sanabel

/pages/pre-k-2nd-levelA series for children aged (4-6) consists of two parts:
    1. Arabic and Handwriting Sanabel:
      to teach them the basic skills of the Arabic language: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. It presents linguistic skills gradually and according to children’s abilities and development. It also presents letters in their alphabetical order, demonstrating long vowels (alif, waw, and ya), short vowels (fatha, damma, and kasra), hamza, and alif with hamza.
      The book includes thirty lessons distributed into eight sections; each section includes an accumulative revision of previous skills and activities for vocabulary and concepts. It also includes a number of unique songs.
      The book is accompanied by a series of thirty stories with beautiful illustrations. The hero of these stories is Doodi the worm, who takes the shape of the letter under study. Through the events and along with the characters of the story, children learn the vocabulary and acquire knowledge and values.
      All of the conversation portions are a part of these tales, which engage children and increase their motivation to learn.
      A teacher’s guide for the book helps teachers use the activities to achieve the objectives.

  1. Math Sanabel:
    To teach them the basic math skills in a fun way using unique illustrations. It complements the material in Sanabel al-Arabia and presents mathematical knowledge in gradual, accumulative steps.
    This level consists of eight units; it includes revision as well.
    A teacher’s guide helps the teacher use the activities to achieve the objectives. The topics include numbers 0–5, addition up to 5, numbers, measuring, addition, subtraction, and numbers.

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