ICO Learn Arabic (Combined Edition)

ICO Learn Arabic (Combined Edition)

/pages/elementary-pre-k-6th-levelArabic learning series which starts from preschool to Twelfth level aims to teach Arabic language to children and youth according to most knowing up-to date methods of teaching the foreign languages.

Believing that language learning is an important tool for written and oral communicating and a way to get the knowledge and information handy in all of its various, Manahej Foundation underlined the importance of functional part in the language without ignoring the theoretical knowledge especially in Advanced levels, this series took into account the language learning through the following three components: -
  • The elements (Voices, letters, pronunciation and structure)
  • The four skills (Listening, Speaking, reading and writing)
  • language posts (introduction, acquaintance, description, request and apologize)
All this would be presented in an atmosphere that supports Islamic culture in terms of religion, historical, Geographical and other subjects as well as features from common scientific-culture between different nations.

Features of the combined edition:
Includes both parts.
Contains the same units, but summarized.
Can be used for both weekend and full-time schools.
Based on Islamic themes.
Contains a glossary of vocabulary translated from Arabic into English.
Saves you money! Each level is made up of 3 books (textbook, workbook, and teacher book) instead of 6.

Follow this link for books for your Middle and High School students..

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