Learn to Read

Learn to Read

/pages/quran-and-tajweedLearn to Read Series draws from numerous books from around the world. It contains many new and innovative features.

Publisher found that most other Qāʿidahs do not have any chaptering or breakdown of learning objectives. The students, and sometimes teachers, progress from one exercise to another without realising what the goals behind them were. This lack of breakdown of objective is also unhealthy for the student’s morale as they have no short-term targets to work towards and can lose motivation. Therefore, the Safar Qāʿidah has been divided into several sections with each being called a level. In each level, a new skill or topic will be introduced and covered. The level system has proved to be very effective in motivating students.

Publisher have built upon their existing great Qāʿidah and made it even better with features such as:
  • Stitch bound
  • Sharper text
  • Revised diary/pass sections to make it easier track show a child’s progress
  • New B5 Clear Plastic Cover

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